Based in the United Kingdom, the namesake of the founder and designer, Edward Mongzar is a ready-to-wear womenswear label that specialises in luxury, handcrafted and ethically conscious pieces. Each piece possesses serene luxury, encompassing the belief of unfading elegance, effortlessly. Edward prides himself upon creating pieces that are gentle, ethereal and poised, using marbling as the medium to translate his vision. Marbling represents the core beliefs of the a designer. The gentle swirls of the marbling, juxtaposed with the unpredictability of the dye, represent his belief that womenswear should be soft and gentle, as well as freeing and liberating. He views the marbling process as a representation of the ideal ~live and let live~, with the water and dye acting independently but coming together to create something beautiful. Edward Mongzar has successfully brought the mediums of marbling and luxury fashion to life, combining the two to create unique and individual pieces. Edward hand marbles each piece of fabric for his collections himself, so each garment he makes has a personal touch. In keeping with his strong beliefs in being ethically conscious and maintaining a sustainable approach within the label, Edward recycles the water he uses to dye his fabric. No electricity is used during the dyeing and drying processes, with each hand marbled piece being dried in the natural heat of the sun. We ensure that those involved in our supply chain in the UK pay their workers fairly and practice a good ethical code. Manufacturing within the UK ensures that we are able to keep a strict check on these conditions and allows us to uphold an exceptional level of quality in our garments.



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