Update – March 2021: For personal reasons, I took an extended break from Ethical Fair in 2019/2020 but I am currently working on updating the content & bringing the site back to life. This website is just me, working on it in my spare time, so this will take quite a while!


As a reformed fast-fashion addict living in London, the lure of the high street bargain is never far from my wallet. Join me on my journey where I try to replace as many of my everyday products with ethical alternatives and cut out my tendency to own a lot of “stuff”.


This site is a directory of the resources I have found over the years. Some I have used and some I intend to use in the future. The criteria for inclusion varies – some pay an ethical wage, some use organic cotton, some have certification with an official body. Each listing is based on my personal opinion and not everybody will agree with my inclusions/exclusions. Feel free to send me your feedback at hello at ethicalfair.com, or via one of the 400 social channels in existence today!

I try to use cruelty-free beauty products but due to the fast-paced nature of that industry the “good” & “bad” lists are always changing. For that reason you won’t find an extensive list of makeup or skincare brands on this site. My “go to” resources for these topics are Cruelty Free Kitty & Ethical Elephant.


I’ve always been vaguely aware of the existence of sweatshops and the poor human rights record in the fashion industry. I’m also strongly against animal testing in the cosmetic industry. I really started my conscious effort to shop more ethically in 2012. I started to read more about working conditions, fair trade and the concept of a living wage. And I really didn’t like what I learned.

I’ve really started to embrace ethical alternatives and this site has come about mainly because of my love of organisation. I have found so many great stockists of ethical products, but keeping them organised has been a real challenge. I grew tired of trawling through all of my favourite fashion retailers looking for an item, not being able to remember if they stocked it or not.

And so, Ethical Fair was born!


Favourite Brand: Nomads for great dresses.

Hardest Switch: My Dior perfume. I eventually found an amazing dupe by Eden Perfumes, happy days!

Elusive “Unicorn” Product: Formal workwear. Thankfully I no longer need to wear suits or formal office attire to work, but I struggled to source them when I did.