Beckett Simonon is a footwear company that does things a bit differently in that all of our products are made-to-order. We run a new campaign each month with a couple products and once the campaign ends, only then do we start manufacturing. This allows us to keep prices low for great quality products, but also provides other benefits such as: Much less material waste as we only produce what is ordered (plus a little extra to facilitate exchanges); Smaller land-use footprint as we do not keep a large inventory. As soon as the products are made, they ship out to the customer rather than waiting in a warehouse; More control over production so we can ensure ethical and fair working environments; Since we do not have shoes that might never be sold, we never have to send unsellable items to the landfill if they turn out to not be popular; Higher quality products that can be re-soled and replaced less often (meaning fewer shoes in landfills). We also take ethical manufacturing very seriously. We visit our partner factory in Portugal regularly to make sure working standards are outstanding and all the factories are small and family-run. We also only use vegetable tanning for our leathers which is better for the environment and worker health than chrome tanning which is unfortunately very common for leather goods sold at our price point.



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