Earthwise Girls is a UK store, stocking a wide range of reusable sanitary products, specialising in menstrual cups and reusable sanitary pads. We also stock a range of carefully selected bodycare products. All of the menstrual cups brands we stock have been vetted to ensure they do not use animal testing or have animal testing conducted on their behalf. We believe we are the only eco menstrual specialist to have taken this step. Our reusable sanitary pads are from a variety of brands, some are made in a cottage industry style by women sewing in their own homes in the UK, others come from further afield, including organic pads by Sckoon from Canada and Imse Vimse from Sweden, and ethically made pads from Eco Femme in India. To the best of our knowledge, all of the products we stock are made by companies who have a strong ethical standing, and are actively seeking to provide fair wages and good working conditions, as well as wonderful products.



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